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Madison Square Garden To Get The Boot In 10 Years


The New York City Council voted yesterday 47-1 to limit Madison Square Garden’s permit to 10 years, essentially forcing James Dolan, The Knicks, The Rangers, (and lest we not forget) The Liberty, to find a new home in ten years.

That’s not like a “Oh, in ten years we can figure something out” deadline. It’s a “in ten years we need to have a brand-new stadium built and ready-to-go” deadline.

This is NYC, where the f*ck are they going to go? Brooklyn?

The reasoning behind the decision makes sense–move MSG so they can finally renovate Penn Station–because city commerce should take precendent over sport, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. MSG Holdings just spent $1 billion OF THEIR OWN MONEY renovating the arena.

Whereas most franchises hold their cities hostage by threatening to leave if they don’t receive large grants to build a new arena, Dolan shelled out his own money. We’ll see if the same thing happens if this move actually goes through.

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