Kayne And Kim Have Spent Almost $1 Million On Golden Toilets

Just when you thought you hated these things enough, they go out and pull a stunt like this.

Golden. Toilets. Can there be more of a status symbol for douchebaggery? HIPHOPDX has more:

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s $11 million mansion to include a Swarovski-encrusted freezer and beds worth $174,000 each. When it comes to their new home, rapper Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian have spared no expense furnishing their soon-to-be pad with the most elaborate of furniture. Even the couples various bathrooms will receive the royal treatment once they’re fitted with $750,000 worth of toilets plated with gold. According to HipHopWired.com, West and Kardashian have ordered four, gold-plated toilets for their $11 million mansion. In addition to the gold-plated toilets, the couple will also have a Swarovski-encrusted fridge freezer and special-edition beds, which retail for $174,000 each.

Sickening when you realize the feces of these two will end up someplace that costs more than where you’re living now. Can’t wait till someone finally gets fed up and suplexes North West down the sh*tter.

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