Instagram Revealed As The Most Depressing Social Media Network

Who knew looking at other people’s gourmet meals and Sepia Toned duck faces would put you that down in the dumps? According to The Daily Mail, it really does and somehow it’s even worse than that God-awful Facebook:

Instagram takes the parts of Facebook that make people feel depressed and unsatisfied with their lot, such as looking at other people’s photos and friend’s broadcasting how great their lives are, and accentuates them. This then creates feelings of intense jealousy and also crosses the ‘grey line of stalkerism’. Scrolling through hundreds of other people’s photos – including strangers’ – liking images and seeking likes and approval from peers, and announcing to millions of people how great their lives are.

So essentially seeing how great other people think their lives our make us realize how much our lives suck, hence giving people what science likes to call, The Debbie Downs. You simply have to realize that the grass is always greener on the other side and that your life is probably just as good, if not better, than those who look perfect on Instagram. Well, except for the celebrities, famous people and those assh*le Rich Kids Of Instagram. Their lives are better than yours and mine.

Excuse me while I go cry alone in the shower.

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