5 Things We Learned About Emily Ratajkowski With AXE at Comic-Con 2013

We were at the 2013 San Diego International Comic-Con all weekend. Besides raging out at awesome Playboy parties, checking out every booth babe ever, and taking the greatest supermodel selfies known to man; AXE Black Chill proved to us that girls seriously are getting hotter by letting me talk to quite possibly COED’s favorite model in the world, Emily Ratajkowski.

In our quick interview, I got to know Emily a little bit better and found out five things you might think are pretty surprising:

1. She Doesn’t Mind The Stigma Behind Her Last Name

When asked about her seemingly unpronounceable last name (FYI: it’s Ra-taj-ow-ski), Emily loves the fact that people judge her: “It’s kind of awesome when people think I’m going to show up on set as this Eastern European tough girl but instead I’m just another girl from Cali. It makes my life a lot easier on set, believe me.”

2. She’s Getting Ready To Take On The World Of High Fashion

Being a video girl is all well and good, but Emily definitely has bigger and better things set on her mind: “I just did a shoot with Bruce Weber for CR, and I’ve got a ton of new stuff that I can’t really talk about coming up. I just met with Karl Lagerfeld, which was incredible. Once you get into that world, you go with it. I’m ready to step up to that level.”

3. Emily Just Might Be The Next Big Model-Turned-Actress

Move aside every girl ever from a Michael Bay movie: Emily’s going to steal all your jobs! (I’m looking at you, Megan Fox.) Well, not really. But she might: “I’ve got an acting coach and been going on auditions. I’ve been meeting people who have roles with me in mind and it’s really humbling. That’s actually why I’m here as well, meeting with studios. I can’t really say anything more than that, but I’m very excited about the opportunities.”

4. YOU Could Maybe Get A Date With Her. (Probably Not, But Who Knows?!?)

When asked about her dating life/preferences, Emily gave probably the best answer ever for men everywhere: “I’m all about confidence. It’s definitely attractive when a guy holds himself well versus being awkward and nervous. That’s what’s attractive. Guys who hold themselves high, you know?”

5. She Wants To Break Barriers In Every Industry

Emily knows that the fashion world is hard, but it’s even harder being a woman: “I just want to make sure girls everywhere feel comfortable in their own skin. I had my awkward moments growing up, but I had awesome parents who made me feel great about myself….I know I’m not a typical runway model by the industry standards, but if someone offered me the opportunity, I wouldn’t turn it down.”

To recap an awesome weekend: we love AXE, Emily Ratajowski, Comic-Con, and everything in between. Girls are getting hotter and Emily’s a prime example of that. Check out a bunch of our favorite GIFs from Emily below.

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