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Watch This 7 Year-Old Russian Girl Dominate Her Male Opponent In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [VIDEO]


Seeing how we’re named COED, we figured we should cover this coed 7 year-old battle, and it proved to be epic

Russian people are insane, and their leader happens to be a black belt in like 43 forms of martial arts. Naturally, Russian parents are encouraging their children to learn fighting nastiness at an early age. This video is from a BJJ tournament somewhere in Russia (we don’t speak Russian so we’re going to guess some city between Vodka Ville and Bear On A Bicycle Town), and in it, you see a 7 year-old girl almost submit to a 7 year-old boy until she flips the script, and him, handily tapping him out in short time.

Normally, we’d say that this kid is totally going to get picked on for getting beat up by a girl, but he’s still a BJJ fighter. He can probably handle himself among his second grade peers.

via YouTube

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