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Watch The Founder Of Digg Throw A Raccoon Down A Flight Of Stairs [VIDEO]


Kevin Rose saved his dog from a raccoon by throwing it down a flight of stairs, but then he put a sissy disclaimer on the video.

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, needs some perspective on the badass thing he just did on video. Imagine his daughter was hanging out outside of his apartment and a man came up and started attacking his daughter. If, in response, Kevin threw that dude down a flight of stairs, he wouldn’t be putting a disclaimer at the beginning of the video saying “I don’t condone violence.” He’d be putting a disclaimer that said “No one f**ks with my daughter.”

Since a man on daughter attack is logically equivalent to raccoon on dog attack, he was exactly violent enough to the raccoon. If he had shot it, that’d be a little too much.

via YouTube

COED Writer