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This Guy Makes 1 Billion Dollars Annoying [VIDEO]


This dude got over 100,000 hits on YouTube by ruining money for everybody with good hearing

One of the many problems with YouTube is that people can make a funny video, but because they did it on a low budget, the sound quality is lacking. Sometimes, the sound quality’s fine, but the person’s voice is annoying and the way he speaks makes you want to fight a kitten and win.

Somehow, this dude got over 100,000 people to watch his video despite the irritating voice you have to focus on because nothing else is really happening in the video. Yeah he’s showing you a billion dollars as several bits of 100,000 dollars, but who cares? Every time we see a smoking hot, expensively-dressed woman, we’re reminded of how much inequality there is in the world. Oh yeah, and like, Somalia.

via YouTube

COED Writer