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Saturday Cocktail: Yacht Club Vodka’s Riviera Cocktail


This week’s cocktail comes to us from Yacht Club Vodka, home of getting you tanked with class.

Yacht Club is a new entry to the vodka circuit, but this ain’t your poor Polish grandma’s potato hooch. It’s made from French wheat – the plutocrat of wheat – and they managed to remove the gluten from it before distilling, which is great if your girlfriend or anyone you’re trying to bop is gluten intolerant.

Check out the riviera cocktail for a taste of the good life on the French Riviera, which unless you’re an Arab prince, you won’t be able to afford. But don’t worry, it’s better to be in America drinking a French cocktail anyway. Have you ever been to France? There are French people everywhere.

-1/2 oz. Elderflower Liqueur
-3/4 Fresh squeezed ruby grapefruit juice
-Briefly shaken over ice
-Strain and serve up in a coupe glass
-Garnish with a cocktail onion that comes fresh from the brine and a grapefruit zest.

  • COED Writer