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Weekend Style: Suns Out, Guns Out with Religion Clothing


It’s hot as balls here in NYC. Seriously, HOT. AS. BALLS. We’re glad summer finally decided to show her face, but finding ways to deal with this heat can be a challenge. Luckily we have cold beer, air conditioning and ice cream to keep us cool. But more than ever, dressing for the weather seems like not just a really great idea but an absolute must. And so we bow our heads and praise the style gods for Religion Clothing.

This isn’t Religion’s first time at the rodeo. The East London label has been around since the early 90s, boasting deep roots in early club culture and anarchic ideas. What started off as a graphic t-shirt brand has expanded to a full-fledged label in the last five years, including outerwear, fragrance, bags, jewelry, sunglasses and shoes. Why do we believe in Religion so much? The brand’s laid-back rockstar vibe is cool without trying too hard, the ultimate style goal for almost everyone on Earth.

And Religion Clothing┬áis doing its part to keep us cool in triple-digit temperatures. When summer comes around, it’s time to lose the sleeves and bust out the tank tops, and no one does them better than this brand. From skulls to praying skeletons and our personal favorite, the “All You Can Eat” tank, they are simple, fun and look cool thrown together with a pair of shorts and your favorite shades. But better get a good grip on these – your lady friends will definitely want to steal them.

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