Mara Roldan Should Be On Your Radar [22 PHOTOS]

Mara Roldan is a big red blip to watch out for on your radar. She’s a Colombian model who’s had reached a good level of success in South America but I think we can all agree it’s time that we get some American eyes on this mamacita.

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While Mara’s done some a significant amount of fashion work for a lingerie and swimsuit companies like BabalĂș, easily our favorite shoot of hers comes to us via Soho Magazine (the second largest magazine in circulation in Colombia and very similar to Playboy). Long story short, homegirl gets naked.

What’s so surprising to me is that Colombia allowed Maxim Mexico to beat them to the punch two years before they featured their own hometown hottie.

Seems like their radar isn’t as tuned in as ours.

Check out her hottest photos in the gallery below.–9HM_P/

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