Stacy Keibler Lets One Slip During Good Morning America [VIDEO]

Good Morning America making all the right moves this morning with Stacy Keibler. Not only did they bring one of my all-time favorite women on the show, they put Stacy in a blindfold and asked her to put things in her mouth.

This will be good practice for when we finally marry and have sex so often that it becomes boring and then we have to resort to the whole “hot and cold foods” thing.

Hey guy’s gotta have dreams right?

By the way, we haven’t touched on her breakup on our site yet but I’ll go ahead and give you my two cents because I feel like it. If it was anyone but Danny Ocean throwing Stacy Keibler to the wind, I’d think they were stupid. Somehow I think he’ll find a way to come back even stronger.

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