There’s A New Coke-Flavored Wine And It’s French

You would have thought that Americans would be responsible for a soda-flavored wine, right? Non.

A French wine company (“vintner” if you’re trying to be fancy), Chateaux en Bordeaux, has released a new wine called Rouge Soucette (“red lollipop” if you’re trying to be French) in an attempt to bring a younger generation back to drinking wine because apparently the percentage of people drinking a glass of wine a day is dwindling. Sacré bleu!

So instead of waving the white flag and being done with it all, Chateaux en Bourdeaux has tasked one of their smaller firms with creating something for a younger taste. Not only is it cheaper and filled with only 75% wine, it’s only available in super markets. C’est vrai.

I don’t need to have any Rouge Surcette  to tell you that this sounds like a headache in a bottle. Red wine and sugar is a very potent combination.

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