Celebrities Eating Ice Cream for National Ice Cream Month [PHOTOS]

Because¬†celebrities eating ice cream¬†is just another way they’re just like us.

It’s hot in NYC right now. Like 90 degrees all the time hot. Even though we’re sitting here in the blasting air conditioning, we still need to find ways to keep cool while running the streets. The perks of living in a city, even if it’s stifling, is being able to get frozen treats on every corner from those trucks playing hokey tunes. As if we needed more of an excuse to indulge, July is National Ice Cream Month.

Sure it’s just another silly marketing scheme to increase sales, but we’re fully and shamelessly still on board. And what’s better than actually eating ice cream yourself? Looking at pics of celebrities eating ice cream. So here are 27 photos of sexy celebs licking cones, ice pops and other frozen treats for your viewing delight.

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