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Timbaland’s Half-Stupid, Half-Prophetic Take On George Zimmerman’s Acquittal [VIDEO]


Timbaland believes that God has a ridiculous set of powers to influence events like the Trayvon Martin shooting

Timbaland, the man behind success stories like JT and Missy Elliot, offered his thoughts to World Star Hip Hop on George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting of Trayvon Martin last year, and we were left feeling confused, to say the least. According to Timbaland, only God and the Devil knew what happened the night of the shooting, but if you believe in both God and the Devil, you probably believe in angels and demons, so wouldn’t they have known too? And if enough demons knew, wouldn’t one of them have leaked it to the press?

We’re only mocking him for invoking God and the Devil because he also claims that God set up the situation and made the shooting happen. Then he says that George Zimmerman will probably kill himself because he’s so haunted by what happened. Timbaland, if you’re going to say that God made Zimmerman shoot the gun, you shouldn’t allow for him to kill himself out of free will. While we agree that Zimmerman will probably kill himself, we differ on why. You think God will make him shoot himself, we think he’s mentally unstable and poorly medicated – you know, the reason why he decided to be “neighborhood watch” and stalk a black kid in the first place.

Timbaland, you’re logic is off, but somehow you’ve made the right prediction.

via XXL

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