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Survey Says 1 In 10 Use Their Smartphones While Having Sex


Addicted much?

The 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits study also has some other interesting facts about how you can’t live without your smartphone. Here are some of the other tidbits via the LA Times:

If you happen to fall into the 18 to 34 category, you’re one in five who are hammering away at your phone during sex. Presumably not counting those who actually use their phones for sex. “People view their smartphones as an extension of themselves, taking them everywhere they go,” said Jumio rep Marc Barach. “From the shower to their commute, from the dinner table to the bedroom.” More fun facts: Frequent smartphone use locales include during dinner dates (33%), during kid’s school functions (32%), at a church (19%), and, of course, while behind the wheel (55%).

I guess during sex if you add food you’ve got some kind of a 21st century Costanza trifecta. There have been worse things done in the sac.

  • COED Writer