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Even Your Mother Will Think These Baby White Lion Cubs Are Cuter Than You [PHOTOS]


These 7 white lion cubs born in Japan are gaining worldwide attention for being the most adorable things in the known universe. MSN has more details on the cuteness:

Three South African lions gave birth to seven white lioness cubs in one month (their respective birthdays are June 6, 26 and 30, if you want to send them all cards). The public will be able to see the seven rare white lion cubs from this weekend. Check out more photos of these gorgeous little ladies in the gallery above to well and truly satisfy your daily baby animal cuteness requirements.

3 separate litters from 3 separate lionesses? Judging that male lions can mate up to 50 times a day, I’m kind of surprised the numbers aren’t higher. Regardless, imagine being a single guy going to a dog park with one of these lady fetchers. I could be the Elephant Man himself with the physical athleticism of Stephen Hawking and I would still pull in all the punani in sight and then some.

COED Writer