What’s on Tap This Weekend: Tropical Mango Pale Ale is a Brew in Paradise

By The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

I am sitting at the balcony bar of my hotel in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands debating with what rum drink, other than a shot, I should start my vacation. I look at the bar’s feature drinks list, and I notice several beers from St. Johns Brewers (Shipyard Brewing); tropical destination or not, I am in! And the best part, these brews are also distributed throughout the United States. Not only am I on vacation drinking beers I’ve never tried before, I’m also thinking of my loyal readers – whata great guy am I?! This weekend, St. John Brewers Tropical Mango Pale Ale is what’s on tap.

Right now you are thinking, “Mango? Isn’t That’s kinda… fruity?” To answer your question, YES, and it’s spectacular. And this is coming from a dude who is not into fruit beers. But I am into different beers I have never had before. Admittedly, I was not expecting to like this brew, but upon first sip I was hooked. Malt and hops in the front are followed by a huge taste of mango and citrus and then hoppy bitterness at the end. What sold me on this beer is doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not as most fruit beers do. Many fruit beers tend to hide the fruit taste with over-carbonation and over-malting, but Tropical Mango Pale Ale’s mango and citrus flavor hits you like Chris Weidman hit Anderson Silva in last week’s UFC title fight.

This beer might not become one of your favorite beers, but it’s a solid Fruity Pale Ale alternative to the same old “beach beers” or typical fruitier beers you have been drinking all summer. It isn’t packed with a high alcohol by volume, so at 4.5% you can drink as many as you can. Great for relaxing and pairs well with fish, shrimp and tuna especially. Even if you do not typically drink fruit beers, give this one a try and appreciate the difference.

(P.S. This week’s picture is one I took, so be jealous of my brew and my view.)

Beer Stats:
Alcohol by Volume: 4.5%
Color (SRM): Yellow-ish / Orange

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