The My Little Pony Convention 2013 Looked Like A Blast [VIDEO]

If you weren’t at the My Little Pony Convention in Indianapolis this past weekend, here’s your chance to catch all the highlights. Can I get a bro hoof up in this here place?

Things to watch out for:

• All-white taking a dive at :08, trying his hardest to avoid the hard dance moves of questionably adult hoodie DJ dude.

• The smartest man in the room (besides anyone heading for the exit) is the guy in the gas mask. Not only does he avoid the smelly people who don’t shower, he’s also 100% anonymous.

• Anything all-white does. As far as bronies go, we can all agree that he’s the stud right? Not a chance in hell blue wig doesn’t hit that.

• Glow-sticks. Because that’s a motherf*cking liability.

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