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Hey Handsome: Juniper Ridge Gets You Squeaky Clean, Naturally


It doesn’t take a genius to realize there’s a lot of crap and chemicals in the soaps and other grooming products you find on your local drugstore’s shelves. But how can you avoid buying said products without completely going out of your way to find them? As you’re reading this, you could be online shopping the best natural brands without leaving your house. And when it comes to natural brands,¬†Juniper Ridge¬†is the best of the best.

So what makes this California company stand out from the rest? Juniper Ridge is the only brand in the world extracting and formulating plant-based fragrances. They have a team of adventurers who travel to the mountains, harvest wild plants and distill natural fragrances, all under the big blue sky and back at their Oakland, CA workshop. Each product is labeled with a harvest number that tells a story – where it was gathered, what was the temperature outside, did it rain that day? Sounds pretty cool, yeah? All Juniper Ridge‘s soaps smell really great, but we love the Big Sur Trail Crew Soap. Made with no nasties, it will make your inner-city shower feel like the California wilderness. Lather up for $35 at

And if you’re looking for a little eye candy that doesn’t have to do with hot chicks, check out their stunning Instagram feed. We’ve included some of our favorites below.

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