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Groom So Traumatized By Bachelor Party Kidnap Prank He Nearly Misses Wedding


Greatest friends ever or the meanest asshats in the world? You decide via details from The Sun:

Ollie McAninch and his fiancee were driving when a group of men stopped their car, grabbed McAnich, bound him, gagged him and threw him into their van. For two hours, McAninch freaked out as his kidnappers drove in silence. When the van finally stopped, the kidnappers revealed themselves to be his friends. Then they gave him a Borat-style mankini, put him on a bike and told him to cycle to his bachelor party. “I’ve never been so scared,” McAninch said. Hilarious, right? McAninch believes he was so traumatized by the stunt that it caused a case of the shingles that kept him away from his fiancee for a month, almost missing his own wedding. “I’ve logged [the prank] for future vengeance,” McAninch said.

With friends like those, who needs enemies?

  • COED Writer