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Say Hello To The 6’5, 295lb Man Caught Vandalizing School Wearing Only Spiderman Underwear


It’s a damn shame we couldn’t find a picture of this young, svelte gentleman in his vandalism wear to add to our collection of Super-Sexy Superhero Undies post yesterday.

Thomas Williams, 23, was arrested on Sunday morning after law enforcement officials said he vandalized Moeller High School in Cincinnati wearing solely his Spiderman underwear. Williams told them after he was arrested that he was “looking for his football coach.” I’m sure his football coach would’ve been more than happy to see his star offensive lineman in his favorite superhero underwear breaking everything in sight. That kind of crazy just doesn’t grow on trees.

Still, we need to see some surveillance video of what went down. On second thought, it might be best that we didn’t see real life Baby Huey going apesh*t and jiggling all over a public school. That kind of image doesn’t wash away easily.

  • COED Writer