Everything I Know I Learned From a Dominatrix

Sex comes in all different shapes and sizes. We’ve all experienced the good, bad and probably even the ugly at one time or another. But what truly makes great sex? We can all agree it’s a number of things ranging from chemistry to time of day and how many margaritas are flowing through your bloodstream. But what about when it comes to stepping out of your normal sex life – a “vanilla” one, if you will – and into something a little more provocative? That’s where a dominatrix can be one of the greatest teachers you’ll ever have in life. So we were obviously ecstatic when Domi Dollz founder Mistress Nina Payne released her book Kisses to Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide to Great Sex.

Mistress Payne is a bona fide sex educator. Broken down into two volumes and 12 juicy chapters, you don’t have to be a kink expert to follow her instructions. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Even if you’ve never engaged in bondage, dirty talk or rough play, Mistress Payne’s prose is in no way intimidating or difficult to understand. “These workshops [Domi Dollz] and the two-volume Kisses to Kink series have the ability to uncover something very deep within yourself that you didn’t know existed,” Bonnie Gleicher said in her introduction. “Their simple, accessible introductions to kink unveil your own perceptions of desire, and remind you of how creative and fun sex can be. It’s your playtime.”

And play we did, through every fun-filled chapter of Kisses to Kink. But it isn’t all fun and games because we know Mistress Payne would deliver a good spanking if we didn’t learn something about great sex along the way. Here are five pieces of critical kinky knowledge we took away from our weekend read.

Craving more? Visit Vook to purchase both volumes of Kisses to Kink.

Domi Dollz Disclaimer:
Some of the activities and kinks discussed in this book may not be appropriate or suitable for everyone. Make sure to practice safe sex and not take any undue risks. Also, some of the acts described herein are not for the faint of heart, so be sure you are healthy enough to undertake the acts. And always have a “safeword” agreed upon with your partner. By purchasing this book, you agree to assume all risks and the authors shall have no liability for any activities you undertake after reading this book.

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