On-Screen Couples With the Worst Chemistry

Incredible chemistry makes all the difference when it comes to movies and television. It hooks you in, even if you don’t necessarily love the rest of the show. For me, that would be how Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf’s sparks managed to make me Netflix the entire Gossip Girl series.

In contrast, however, bad chemistry is a viewing experience deal-breaker. Just look at some of those reviews from The Great Gatsby when it came to Leo and Carey. No matter how good the actors are, lack of heat jumps off the screen. It’s terrible – you feel weird and they undoubtedly felt weird. The whole thing is pretty much as awkward as watching movie sex scenes with your parents.

We’ve narrowed down the nine most cringe-worthy on-screen couples. And remember, if we’re using Joey Tribbiani logic here, that means all these guys totally did it.

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