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6 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [7/8 – 7/11]


You just had one of the wildest weekends of your life. You spent the Fourth of July stuffing your face with all sorts of grilled meats and American apple pie. And because your boss gave you the following Friday off as a reward for your good work, you took full advantage of the four day weekend. In fact, you really don’t remember everything that happened except waking up in another state with your hair smelling like chicken. Either way, you’re back at your desk and wishing you could remember how you spent the greatest weekend of your life so you could make it last just a little bit longer. That’s not going to be possible unless you’re willing to join the ranks of the unemployed, but at least the rest of your week has some bright spots thanks to a major metropolitan city still stuck in the 90s, a notorious bike race and a cybernetic cock.

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