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Soccer Ref In Brazil Stabs Player, Fans Rush Field And Literally Put His Head On A Stick


We all know how seriously people outside of America take the sport of soccer. Last week, we learned never, EVER, get into a fight with these people as evidence of the European Soccer Hooligans. Now we know that if you’re a referee in Brazil and you stab a player, the fans will rush the field, stone you the death like something out of biblical times and then decapitate you on the field. No questions asked.

Here are the details of the gruesome event, via FOX News:

A soccer referee was beheaded and his head displayed atop a wooden stake at midfield after a match erupted in violence in Brazil. The bloody brouhaha began when the match’s referee, Otávio Jordan da Silva de Catanhede, became embroiled in an argument with player Linda dos Santos Abreu over a disputed call during a game in the town of Pius XII. The argument reportedly ended with Jordan ejecting Abreu. Following the player’s ejection from the game, Abreu and Jordan began to fight. During the fight, Jordan produced a small knife and stabbed Abreu, 31, who reportedly died of his injuries en route to a local hospital. Friends and family of the deceased subsequently rushed the field, tied up Jordan, 20, fatally stoned him, quartered his body, and then, according to the Associated Press, which cited local media accounts of the murder, staked the referee’s head at midfield of the soccer pitch.

At least the head on the stick midfield could be a decent stock photo for promoting the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. So at least they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

  • COED Writer