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Say Hello To The Man Who Went Absolutely Bonkers On His Disabled Neighbor During 4th Of July Party


And by bonkers we mean 72-year-old Richard Rice of (surprise, surprise) Florida went over to his disabled neighbor’s house and stated simply “The party’s over” before he flipped over the wheelchair and poured gas around children who were holding lit sparklers claiming he was going to burn them alive.

Here are more details courtesy of THP:

The trouble started at 9:40 p.m. when police say Rice showed up at Michael Jones’ home with a bottle labeled “gas.” Jones told police he dumped the fuel near Jones’ grandchildren, who were holding sparklers. Jones, who cannot walk due to muscular dystrophy and diabetes, said Rice overturned his wheelchair in the middle of the street when he confronted him. Rice also spilled gasoline on Jones in the process.

In Rice’s defense, there shouldn’t be anything else expected from a 72-year-old from Florida with eyes that scream Lord Of The Batsh*t. Actually shocked he was wearing pants at the time of the incident.

COED Writer