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The Who Hollywood Wanted For ‘Doctor Who’ Could Blow Your Mind


If you’re the kind of Doctor Who fan who has a ton of memorabilia and Tardis-shaped collectibles on your desk, you might want to cover them with a tarp. They’re about to get blasted with grey matter shrapnel.

It’s no big secret Hollywood has been trying to bring an Americanized version of the Doctor Who franchise to the States ever since it became a huge sci-fi serial among the Brits. Some of America’s all time greatest shows were remade for American audiences like All in the Family, Veep, The Office, Sanford and Son and Skating with Celebrities.

Back in 1988, Paramount Studios wanted to tap into the Doctor Who craze by making a movie with an American version of a time lord by casting a big name celebrity as the good doctor. Here comes the mind blowing part. According to a new book called Doctor Who at the Movies by Charles Norton, the studio wanted Michael Jackson in the title role.

The studio was also trying to tap into the success Jackson built from the Moonwalker movie and he showed a lot of interest in the part. But for some reason, the project never materialized. The studio probably realized the cleaning bills from having to get exploded brain stains out of so many movie theaters would just suck up any profits they would have made from such a massive movie. Still Paramount persevered and tried to get their second choice, and this is where the story gets even better: The studio’s second choice was Bill F*cking Cosby. If that happened, I’m convinced all of humanity would have forgiven him for Leonard Part 6.

Photo Credit: The BBC/via io9

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