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The Ten Best Too Short And E-40 Songs [VIDEOS]


E-40 and Too Short are the two best old school rappers still rhyming, so we figured we’d look at their best videos

Earlier today, we got really annoyed with the news that Wiz Khalifa brought Ty Dolla $ign into the Taylor Gang, not so much because we want the Taylor Gang to stay pure, we just hate Ty Dolla $ign. He blows, and he put Too Short in his video, which reminded us how good Too Short is and how s**ty Ty Dolla is. It made us think about rap before Auto-Tune was a thing, and how Too Short and E-40 managed to stay relevant amid such terrible hip hop. We suppose there was terrible hip hop when they were coming up, too, but it wasn’t as bad as the new stuff.

Here’s our ten favorite Too Short and E-40 videos.

E-40 – “My S**t Bang”

Too Short – “Blow The Whistle”

E-40 – “Function”

Too Short – “The Ghetto”

E-40 – “Catch A Fade”

Too Short – “I Ain’t Trippin'”

E-40 – “My Little Grimey N***a”

Too Short – “Money On The Floor”

Too Short and E-40 – “Bout My Money”

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