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Auto-Tune D-Bag Of The Week: Ty Dolla $ign [VIDEO]


Wiz Khalifa just signed Ty Dolla $ign to the Taylor Gang, which means Wiz has smoked himself retarded

True, the Taylor Gang is just a crew of rappers who smoke weed, drink too much and just chill, but at least Wiz can rap. And he raps in his real voice. Ty Dolla $ign has zero originality to his look, his lyrics, or his flow. The Auto-Tuning just symobolizes his robotic, poseur persona.

Here’s the thing: We wouldn’t have been so angry if this moron hadn’t had Too Short do a verse on the song in the video above. Don’t put a real rapper in your song if you’re going to make yourself sound like an emo robot. Also, Too Short used to be Too $hort, so Ty Dolla’s stealing that $. Here’s how a Ty Dolla $ign verse should actually go: “Hair like Lil Wayne’s/lyrics like 2 Chainz/gonna think about the puss by using Ludacris’s brains.”

Stay tuned for the next post today when we discuss just how awesome Too Short is. And E-40.

via YouTube

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