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Bo Burnham’s Finally On Vine [VIDEO]


Bo Burnham waited a while to get on Vine, but now that he’s on, there’s somewhat to compete with Will Sasso

You’ve seen Burnham do his weird-ass stand-up on TV and Netflix, and now he’s on the Vine. At this rate, Vine might be successful in a few years. Admittedly, some of them aren’t funny – they’re six second videos – but he definitely gets out some really funny ideas that are worth watching and probably wouldn’t have worked in his stand-up.

A lot of the jokes here are puns, and because puns are generated by a different part of the brain from jokes, people logically argue that puns aren’t funny. But Vine might be the perfect vehicle for puns: the barrage of six second videos makes a pun soup that gives you a more satisfying experience, at least.

via YouTube

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