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Amputee Finds the Most Amazing Use for Legos Yet


Legos have done some amazing things in their time. They’ve brought the X-Wing fighter out of the Star Wars universe and into the real world. They’ve been used to make musical instruments that can make actual music. They’ve even been used to build an actual house. One day, they might even save the world probably by building another one entirely out of Legos.

Of course, the best use of any building material whether it’s brick and mortar or just plain ol’ Lego bricks is when it improves the quality of a person’s life. And because Legos aren’t powerful enough to build a human exoskeleton that can withstand the strength of a den of lions (as far as we know), an enterprising builder has done the next best thing.

Christina Stephens, also known as the YouTuber AmputeeOT, wears a prosthetic on her left leg. A co-worker challenged her to build a new fake leg as a joke, but her response was no laughing matter according to CNET’s Crave blog.

She poured out a big pile of Lego bricks on the floor, started building a new leg and chronicled the epic build on her YouTube page. Even though Legos aren’t the strongest of building materials to replace muscle and bone, it actually looks fairly durable. It’s also pretty stylish or as stylish as a multicolored Lego mosaic can be.

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