Say Hello To The Worst Parents In America

Say hello (and goodbye, thankfully) to James and Roxanne Murphy, parents of 4 children all under the age of 15. Why are these York, Pennsylvania parents so bad other than the mother obviously eating their portions of food, you ask? Well, where do we start.

Our friends at HyperVocal made a convenient list of why these parents should rot in prison and/or hell. The two are being charged with, among many other things:

• Providing alcohol to all four children (legally drunk 9-year-old!)
• Physically abusing the kids (one was thrown into a wall)
• Having firearms within reach (right there on the floor)
• Threatening to kill the youngest child
• Taking pics of one kid with an “adult toy” in his pants
• Keeping one from going to school … ever
• Locking one of the children in a room with a bucket
• Having child porn on the computer
• Making one kid take care of the family’s FIFTY SNAKES
• Living in a filthy home with lizards, pigs and other animals

James is being charged with 27 criminal counts while Roxanne is seemingly getting off lightly with only 13 charges filed against her. Bail for each thing has been set at $250,000.

It’s safe to say unless they can sell their patent for their invention of a machine that spontaneously creates dip, ammo, and beer, there’s no shot they make bail. Which is fine by us.

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