COED Rounds The Bases With The Chevy Volt On A Citi Field Trip

There are few things in this country more American than baseball, apple pie, or Chevrolet. And as a testament to this statement, the Detroit-based car company has been doing its best to make sure that from start to finish as much of the work on their cars is done on US soil as possible. Perhaps the best example of this goal is the Chevy Volt, a car that we took for a spin last week.

Since Chevrolet is the official sponsor of the 2013 Major League Baseball Home-Run Derby (being held here in li’l old NYC), they decided to take us for a cruise doing lots of baseball-themed activities. We started out at the MLB Fan Cave where we were introduced to the Fan Cave Dwellers. It is literally these people’s job to live in the MLB Fan Cave for an entire season, watch every game, and write commentary on Twitter for fans to read. I do not envy them at all.

Signed baseballs at the MLB Fan Cave

From there, we left the Fan Cave and hopped into our very own Volt to drive to the site where Jackie Robinson signed his Brooklyn Dodgers contract. Unfortunately, the office building where the Dodgers used to have their front office (215 Montague Street) has since been taken down and replaced by a TD Bank but a plaque dedicated to famous moment still remains. I pass this building every morning and had no idea this was where the racial divide in baseball began to end.

All that’s left of 215 Montague

From Brooklyn Heights, we drove to Williamsburg to eat at Crif Dogs. On the way, I learned some interesting facts about the Volt. (Yes, this is the part where I talk about the car but bear with me–these are cool.)

• For one, the Volt runs entirely on battery. Yes there’s an engine in the back but it’s sole purpose is to act as a generator to keep the battery charged.

• The battery is the first of it’s kind and had to be developed by LG and Chevrolet. While the parts of the battery are made in South Korea, the actual pieces are then constructed in the USA. The battery components are the only aspect of the Volt that are not made in America.

• Because the engine is battery-run, it is completely silent. It is so silent that the US government is making it mandatory that Chevy adds a speaker that plays a sound so deaf people can hear it coming. That is awesome.

• The battery can be recharged in any outlet that allows hair dryers. It is also the only car battery in existence that actively tries to regulate its temperature.

• Most importantly, it is very comfortable and can comfortably store a sh*t-ton (that’s a metric unit of measurement) in the trunk.

Can you tell this photo wasn’t taken in NYC?

Long story short, I got two amazing hot dogs. They both had bacon on them. One had cream cheese. They were both fantastic (you can see them in the gallery at the bottom).

From Williamsburg, we left and headed for Citi Field. As a big Mets fan, I was really excited to see a tour of the place. Little did I know that they had arranged for us to see not only the suites and the field, but the player clubhouse.

We weren’t able to take any photos of the clubhouse but I can tell you a few things.

• No, there were no needles visible anywhere.

• Yes, it looks like David Wright reads his fan mail.

• Yes, it’s dope as f*ck. To any children reading this, learn how to switch hit now. Playing in the Big Leagues is nice.

All in all, it was a really informative day. Not only did I get to learn about one of the more ingenious cars of the modern-ear, I learned a lot about baseball.

Thanks to the Chevrolet Team for taking us around. Feel free to check out the photos below for more info on what we did. And don’t forget to watch the Home Run Derby, sponsored by Chevrolet.

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