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Learn From This Dude: Danny MacAskill And His Sick Trick Bike Skills [VIDEO]


Danny MacAskill’s new street trials bike video, “Imaginate,” might be the best we’ve ever seen

First off, don’t worry about the long-ass ad at the beginning. It’s worth the wait. Second, have you heard of Danny MacAskill yet? He’s a Scottish dude, and no one here’s given him a soft-drink endorsement deal yet, so we understand if you haven’t. But you need to know about him, and he should be your f**king role model for the rest of your life. Just try to forget that he looks like a retarded Macklemore.

No, you’ll never have the balance or focus to ever do what he does on a bike. You’ll pop at least one ball if you try. But you should know that such balance and focus is possible to attain in what you are good at. If you’re good at picking up women, you should be yearning to pull a move as deft as MacAskill’s riding one train rail, then jumping to the other rail and riding it in the other direction. What we mean by that is you should be able to pursue one nearly unattainable hottie, then when she drops the boyfriend line, you immediately jump ship and make out with her equally hot friend.

We believe in you. Danny MacAskill believes in you.

via YouTube

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