Brooke Hogan Is A Whole Lot Of Engaged Woman [PHOTOS]

Phil Costa’s one lucky fat guy now that Brooke Hogan said yes to his marriage proposal

And he doesn’t have to worry about murder charges when her dad, Hulk Hogan, tries to kill him and he has to snap Hulk’s old man neck with two of his fingers. Everyone’s making jokes about Hulk beating up Costa over this, but let’s be honest with ourselves, Hulk’s 59 and probably has a colostomy bag we don’t know about. Phil would wreck him. Brooke, on the other hand, looks like a Viking woman and could rip Phil’s wang off with a well-timed kegel.

She looks like Kate Upton‘s mighty sister, Hate Upton.

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See Her Tonight [Jessica Lucas On CULT]
See Her Tonight [Jessica Lucas On CULT]
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