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Walter White Has 10 Reasons Why You Should Ride In An RV With Him [VIDEO]


Bryan Cranston took to YouTube to announce a contest where you could win a ride with the whole cast of “Breaking Bad” in an RV to the Breaking Bad premiere

We’re not sure why we’re telling you this considering how f**king badly we want to go. And we’d totally trade out Skylar and Walter Jr of the RV for Gus Frang and Jane Margolis (Kristin Ritter). They’re probably way cooler, and we’d rather have the chance to score with Jane than Skylar any day.

The one thing that would suck about this is if you hung out with the real Jesse Pinkman and Mike Ehrmankraut and found out they weren’t anything like their characters, whom they’ve carefully cultivated across several seasons. What if Jesse isn’t actually an Eminem-inspired douche? And what if Mike is?

This is too much for us. You enter, and let us know how it goes if you win.

via YouTube

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