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The Ten Best Bill Burr Racial Jokes [VIDEOS]


Bill Burr analyzed the Paula Deen racist kerfuffle perfectly, which got us thinking about how often he’s right on race

Burr is one the top three comics working today, and if you disagree with that, you’re probably some religious d**kface reading our site just so you can get all up in arms about how fallen America has become. On top of all his incredible albums, he has a monday morning podcast that serves as weekly comedy gold. He’s so funny, sometimes we forget to pay attention to him unless someone asks us if we’ve ever heard of him, then we go off about him for an hour.

When he went on Conan this week, he said the thing about Paula Deen that no one else had the balls or brains to say. That’s what he does pretty much anytime there’s a racial controversy in America. Watch the video of him on Conan above, then check out the other 9 of our favorite Bill Burr racial jokes.

Note, we included his entire Philadelphia rant, even though he only spends a minute making fun of Philly’s racism. It’s too good though.

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