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Saturday Cocktail: Pavan’s Monaco Margarita


It might not sound manly, but if you can even handle two of these, you have more chest hair than Zangief from Street Fighter 2

If you’re in the Nantucket area this weekend and like movies, you should check out the Nantucket Film Festival, or at least drink a bunch of Pavan-infused drinks there because those dudes are sponsoring it. If you’re not going to be in Nantucket, at least cool off with a refreshing Monaco Margarita, our Saturday Cocktail featuring Pavan liqueur.

This is a great cocktail if you’re trying to class up a date, especially the week before 4th of July when you make a beautiful, barbecue sauce and vodka covered ass out of yourself. Pavan’s one of those French, almost-wine liqueurs, so you can tell her all about the Muscat grapes and orange blossoms that went into making it, and she’ll be duly impressed.

Check out the cocktail, and you’ll be thanking us on Monday.

  • COED Writer