See Her Tonight [Fiona Gubelmann ON WILFRED]

Fiona Gubelmann on Wilfred

(10:00 & 10:30 PM EST, FX)

End your Thursday wisely by tuning into gaze at the drop dead gorgeous Fiona Gubelmann on all new episodes of Wilfred. Fiona stars as Jenna on the show that features a meek young man and a pot-smoking talking dog named Wilfred who is actually actor Jason Gann in a dog suit, whom everyone else sees as just a dog. Funny show, highly recommended by COED.

The lovely Miss Gubelmann is a California girl who majored in pre-med at UCLA before finding her passion for acting. You have seen her before on My Name Is Earl, Parenthood and The Closer. Be sure to follow Fiona on Twitter and say hello @FionaGubelmann.

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