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What’s on Tap This Weekend: West Coast IPA Because I’m Nationwide


By The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

Today, as I was thinking about what is on tap for this weekend, I realized I’ve had a bit of an East Coast bias with my beer selections. I know those out west always seem like the middle child because they feel overlooked, but guess what: football games start at 10am out there, so shut up! On tap this weekend is one of the best, most definable, west coast IPAs; this weekend, Green Flash Brewing’s West Coast IPA is What’s On Tap.

What is a West Coast IPA? For me, it is an IPA that has a higher ABV than most IPAs, full of hops and a strong taste of citrus and pine. Also, some beer drinkers say West Coast IPAs have more of a bitter taste than those from the East Coast, but you get the idea. When tasting a Green Flash West Coast IPA, you will notice some bitter and then the hoppy, citrus and pine flavors, but none overpowers the others. A great beer, in many ways, is just like juggling two or three – chicks maintaining balance is essential. Another attribute to a great IPA, like West Coast, is having a high ABV while retaining a smooth drinkability.

This beer goes great with fish like shrimp, sword or tuna. It is perfect for a summer day drinking extravaganza, but do not start too early because your face will be in a toilet if you drink too many too fast (take note: do not confuse the last line with me caring about your well-being or health, I’m not. I am more concerned with you puking up this awesome brew). So cheers to the weekend, cheers to you on the west coast and cheers to Green Flash for their awesome West Coast IPA!


Beer Stats:
Alcohol by Volume: 7.3%
Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 95
Color (SRM): Hazy Amber
Hops: Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial, Cascade

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