If You Don’t Know Why You Shouldn’t Light a Cigarette with a Gas Tank, You Might Be a Redneck

We all know smoking is bad for you. It’s also cool and a lazy way of keeping the weight off, but it’s also incredibly bad for you.

In fact, it’s unfathomable to think someone could actually find a way to make it even worse for you. The mind couldn’t even conjure up such an evil concoction because it doesn’t want to know such evil exists in the world. It’s like trying to imagine a deity that kills for fun, a gun with magnetic bullets that are attracted to testicles or a Nickelback karaoke bar.

We’ve spared your mind the pain of having to think up such a horrible thing. As always, the Internet is here to do it for us thanks to this video posted by the car blog Jalopnik.

It features an unidentified Malaysian man lighting a cigarette with the flames shooting out of his car’s gas tank. Thankfully, he doesn’t get hurt or blown up, but we’re sure the toxic gasoline fumes floating around his lungs will teach him a very important lesson.

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