There’s A New Illegal Drug Marketplace Website Called Atlantis


By now, anyone interested in buying drugs online has heard of The Silk Road–a “dark web” site accessed by Tor. And by all accounts it’s amazing. But gone are the days where Silk Road has a monopoly on the illegal online drug marketplace because there’s a new player in town. It’s called Atlantis and it looks great.

There have been a few other sites that sprung up since Silk Road opened in 2011 but Atlantis is really the first one that’s actively pursued a marketing campaign. Where Silk Road has tried very hard to stay off the beaten path, Atlantis has just started making┬ácommercials.

Despite Atlantis’ “brazen” (as The Verge would call it) approach, users and suppliers aren’t likely to encounter much difference in security. Like Silk Road, the site still requires you to use Tor. Like Silk Road, the site only uses Litecoin or Bitcoins as currency. But unlike Silk Road, they’re letting people know where they are. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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