See Her Tonight [Miley Cyrus On Jimmy Kimmel Live]

Miley Cyrus on Jimmy Kimmel Live

(11:30 PM EST, ABC)

You have access to the Internet (at least I hope, unless you’re reading this as a Sorcerer) so you know who this beautiful lady is before you. Now it’s your job to tune in tonight to see Miley Cyrus on an all new Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Miley will be on the show as a guest and will be giving a performance as well. The former Hannah Montana princess has had an eccentric career thus far and always seems to be in the news, but whatever she’s hot so deal with it. Give Miley a follow and try to say hi on Twitter @MileyCyrus. Oh, and you can also watch here get the GIF Treatment by simply CLICKING HERE. Enjoy.

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