Good News Everyone: You Will Soon Be Able To Keep Your Phone On During Takeoffs And Landings

Somewhere, Alec Baldwin is fist pumping in pure ecstasy.

The FAA is scaling back its policy of turning off all electronics during takeoffs and landings after finally coming to the conclusion it has no effect at all on the plane’s equipment.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the change of attitude is prevalent enough that the FAA is being forced to act because of the “sheer number of passengers flouting today’s rules.” The new guidelines will likely allow passengers to use electronics for anything other than phone calls during taxi, takeoff and landing.

So fear not, addicts. You will now be able to instantly Instagram and Tweet to the dozen or so followers who could give two rat’s asses you’re on an airplane in the first place. #NobodyCaresYou’reGoingOnVacation.

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