What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You

Fast food is a billion dollar industry thanks to the fast-paced, modern world that brought us the drive-thru window, car cup holder and self-regulating pacemaker.

We no longer have to sit at a table and take the time to enjoy our food or even look at it before we eat because we’re constantly on the go and have traded nutrition and meal breaks for slightly steadier paychecks. We also have more choices than ever when it comes to combo meals and to-go cuisine. Of course, the fast food you choose to stuff your face with is more telling than a fingerprint or dental record – and not just in an autopsy to determine cause of death.

Fast foods simply paint us this way: we are impatient, have no time for healthy foods, and we probably want to enjoy ourselves to the fullest damning the health consequences. You can check Reviewsbirds for information and reviews on some of your favorite fast foods and food delivery services. Below are some outrageous fast foods around the globe that many have found addictive.

  1. Lobster Roll (McDonald’s)

McDonald’s Lobster Roll may share similarities with their McRib, but they are different. The Lobster Roll, which you will most likely find in a couple of the establishment’s outlets in New England, is pretty remarkable. This fast junkie is made of mayo, lettuce, and of course the lobster. The sandwich It is only available for a short time during summer.

  1. Burger King Japan’s Kuro Pearl Burger

Most people hate seeing black in food. I’m one of them. I tend to associate it with burns. Yep, your food must have stayed too long on the fire and changed color. But no, Burger King Japan’s Kuro Pearl Burger has decided to make black look desirable in cuisine.

This sandwich with char black buns is unique. No offense to those who love this “weird awesomeness”, but imagining its look alone gives me the creeps! Thumbs up to the daring folks who came up with this idea; something must kill us, after all.

  1. KFC’s The Double Down

KFC’s The Double Down is quite remarkable. It is a sandwich that has no bread. Strange, right? I mean, what is a sandwich without bread? Not a sandwich, you may say. But The Double Down is regarded as a sandwich and a great one for that matter. It consists of two crispy pieces of meat with bacon, sauce, and cheese sandwiched in between. I guess you now understand why it passes for a sandwich.

KFC’s The Double Down is simply sending a message out that you can ditch the bread entirely. Well, that is some kitchen innovation there. And if you want to keep despising your health, this is not the only poison pill, there are other close versions of it. There is the KFC Zinger Double Down popular in Korea, and in the Philippines, you’ve got the Double Down Dog to contend with.


  1. Wendy’s Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger (Japan)

Japan may have one of the highest populations of old people in the world because they are known for healthy lifestyles when it comes to eating, but I guess, that era is fast going away. We are living in new times where everything is changing and more and more people are consuming fast foods more than ever.

Something sweet that won’t treat any Japanese heart tenderly is Wendy’s remarkable Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger. This sandwich consists of a lobster and caviar. Given the Japanese romance with different kinds of seafood, this one would be a much-loved exploration.


  1. Taco Bell’s The Waffle Taco

All fast foods are said to be calorie devotees. Is there an exemption? Sorry, not this fatty stuff. Taco Bell’s The Waffle Taco is the drunk’s answered dream. After a late night out drinking, this drunk food will not make you sober, but it will fight for space in your system other than the alcohol and even kill some of it.

The Waffle Taco is a half-folded waffle stuffed with scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage. You may just find yourself in heaven after a couple of this awesome stuff. Yes, heaven, because fast foods are the angels after your life.

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