Are These Uncensored Kate Upton On A Horse Photos Real?

So last week, TMZ dropped a veritable bomb on the world. They released behind-the-scenes footage from Kate Upton’s Complex photoshoot of her topless on a horse. Except for one small detail: they censored the video!

And then they took it down. Which is the only thing worse than censoring an uncensored Kate Upton video. Why, we’re not so sure but considering that the footage comes from a Complex photoshoot, it’s a fair guess that Complex had something not too nice to say to the celebrity website.

But from the ashes rises a phoenix… There’s new evidence that an uncensored video is on the way to reaching our hands.

Yesterday on Reddit a user uploaded what looks like an uncensored screen cap of the video in question. We can’t post the photo here for obvious reasons, but we will point you in the proper direction. And there are rumors that at least a GIF of the whole thing is on the way.

Originally we assumed TMZ censored the video because Kate Upton was wearing pasties, and it’s much more fun to imagine her topless than it would be to see her wear pasties. But now, we’re not too sure.

What we do know is that the photos below are the hottest topless photos we’ve seen from the blonde bombshell so far. Here’s to hoping we can post an update soon.

See Her Tonight [Lexa Doig On CONTINUUM]
See Her Tonight [Lexa Doig On CONTINUUM]
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