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Drunk Man Caused Traffic Jam In Holland Tunnel Because He Got Out Of His Car To Poop


Is the death penalty too light for this man?

I say no. Here is what the NY Daily News had to say about the incident:

Port Authority cops have busted a 21-year-old man they say was defecating inside a booth along the New Jersey-bound tube’s catwalk, officials said Friday. Cops were called into the tunnel at 10 p.m. upon learning that California resident Kevin Nam was walking along the catwalk. A motorist had apparently dropped him off in the middle of the tube, a Port Authority spokesman said. When they arrived, they found Nam, who appeared intoxicated, answering nature’s call in a catwalk booth. Officials shut down both tubes to the lower Manhattan tunnel for a few minutes as cops brought Nam to a Port Authority police precinct in New Jersey, where he was charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief, the spokesman said.

There is nothing worse in life than traffic. Now imagine being held up in one of the most congested spots in the world not because of the volume of cars but because some drunk asshat decided to get out of his vehicle and take a dump in the middle of the Holland Tunnel. There would be no survivors if this man was in my view.

COED Writer