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See Her Tonight: Gabriella Pession Of “Crossing Lines” [PHOTOS]


The show could be dumb as rocks but we’d still watch it for Gabriella Pession

“Crossing Lines” is NBC’s new crime drama, and the gimmick is that the cops are elite international badasses who track down villains in other countries. Whatever. It’s an excuse to have an Italian cop on it, and we don’t mean some fatso named Anthony behind a desk chowing down donuts and referring to black people as animals. That’s a New York Italian cop.

We’re talking about Gabriella Pession, an Italian-from-Italy cop who helps track the bad guys and keep dudes watching the show. Each cop has a special skill, and hers is, get ready for this: “Undercover Covert Ops.” You know, as opposed to Out-in-the-open Covert Ops. Whatever. Here’s the real reason we’re watching it.

  • COED Writer