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Lingering Questions About The Walking Dead [VIDEO]


World War Z sucked, so now we’re waiting for “Walking Dead” to return, but we have some questions

Chris Hardwick is great at doing the Talking Dead post-game report, but we feel like he’s too nice. We understand it’s important to discuss the story-lines and make predictions for where the characters are headed, but what about the fact that it leaves huge holes that leave us either confused and questioning they actually survive. Here’s 5 questions about the “Walking Dead” that we’d like answers to before we sit through 16 more episodes of cliffhangers.

1. Samurai Swords For Everyone?

Michonne destroys every zombie she encounters with a swing or a stab of her sword. It’s pretty weird that she has a samurai sword in rural Georgia and no one asks her where she got it from. Odds are, where there’s one, there’s probably enough for all the good guy cast members. Why haven’t they gone on a quest for the samurai sword store the way they tried to find Fort Benning, the CDC, and Sophia?

2. Curbing Zombies?

Michonne has two, Andrea makes an extremely effective one in about fifteen seconds, so why doesn’t everyone at the prison have like six? They rely on their Hyundai Santa Fe way too much when they could be taking zombie decoy sherpas out with them on short trips. Which leads us to…

3. Gas Stations?

They were pretty obsessed with running out of gas the first two seasons, but ever since they got to the prison, they see, pretty comfortable with taking the Hyundai and the pickup truck out for some rides. Are we supposed to assume that they have a never-ending supply of gas from abandoned cars a small distance away?

4. Outhouses At The Prison?

When they meet the prisoners holed up in the cafeteria, they get grossed out by the smell of 9 months of human waste trapped in a room. They never tell us where they happen to be dropping their loads, though? They don’t have that much more freedom of movement than the original prisoners did.

Stabbing The Fence Strategy?

Whenever characters are hanging out by a prison fence, they always stab at least one zombie. They burn about 1.3 calories doing it, and it’s to get a zombie to the fence. Why don’t they just make it a daily routine to kill like 100 zombies at the fence. After a year, that’s 36,500 zombies. That’s probably a huge portion of the zombies wandering around that part of rural Georgia. They’d have relative peace and quiet and would sure as hell be able to start planting that garden they keep talking about.

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