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Happy 25th Birthday, Isabella Leong [PHOTOS]


Isabella Leong’s been hot and making movies for a few years, completely under your radar

It could be argued that every time you pirate a movie or tv show, you’re robbing Hollywood of its foreign talent scouting budget. That means we’re less likely to find hysterical badasses like Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li, but also some insane hotties like Isabella Leong. Since Hollywood’s already proven that talent is tertiary to attractiveness and willingness to donate to the Democratic party, they should have been casting Isabella Leong in every movie that require a hot asian chick.

Pretty much every movie requires a hot asian chick, even if the filmmaker doesn’t realize it.

So we’re wishing a happy birthday to Isabella Leong, and we ask all of our readers who are also power brokers in Hollywood to hire this woman. Here’s some pictures to help you with your decision.

  • COED Writer